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 The Session is conducted in a "NATURIST" or NUDE format. You are invited to find your personal place of silence and peace, to dive deeply into your own intimacy and lust, to just feel, perceive and relax. Maybe it is the first time that you are in a situation where you can concentrate completely on yourself. Everything is switched to receiving, there is nothing to do, nothing to consider, you can let go totally, simply be in a world of deep relaxation, the sensual touch and lust.... The massage is supplemented by the Lingam Massage THE LINGAM MASSAGE (by the taoist and sexologist Dr. Joseph Kramer) is a wonderful method to expand the Ching (that is tied in the sexual chakra) over the whole body. The sexual energy - our biggest power - will be stimulated and heated in the Lingam. In the ideal case at the end of the massage it rises up the spine (Big Draw)KUNDALINY ENERGY. Through this it can give the man a quite orgiastic experience in the whole body that opens completely new dimensions of lust. Tthe sexual energy will be spread through the whole body into every cell by the breathing techniques. This has the consequence, that the energy centers/CHAKRAS/ of the body will be harmonized and you leave the massage quite relaxed and nevertheless strengthened. This effect keeps on showing during the following days.... The Taoist philosophy says that the Jade Bar or Lingam has reflex points (like foot or ear). By professional stimulation these points are corresponding with the connected organs. Therefore this massage has not only a relaxing but also a healing effect for body and soul.
The benefits include: 
- improved relationships with greater levels of intimacy - a better love life - increased energy, joy and creativity 
- a greater sense of your own divine nature and oneness with all life The therapy helps you to remove most emotional related illness such as depression, anxiety, abuse,sexual blocks and disorders, self-esteem, issues of grief and anger, , chronic fatigue.

 Holistic. One quality that makes a massage tantric is being holistic. It touches the whole person without avoiding any part of the body. It also doesn’t leave out the aspect of sexuality, awakening its energy as a life force. And every consequence of this, whether breath, voice or movement, whether ejaculation, convulsions or tears ... all the way to passionate-mystical experiences or even just a plain simple orgasm: everything is fine and welcome the way it is. Even the absence of any of this (e.g. ejaculation) is fine and welcome. There is no pressure to perform. With regard to orgasms, we do not regard the suppression of ejaculation as essentially tantric. However, channelling sexual energy can be very desirable and supported during the massage. Each individual man and woman has their own attitude towards ejaculation and this should be respected. Transpersonal Encounter A conscious step on the part of the participants in the massage enables them to meet as Shiva and Shakti - the divine presence within humans. The everyday man and everyday woman with all their projections take a step back, allowing them to represent the divine during the ritual. Honouring phrases are spoken to open up the inner massage space and transform the next actions into sacred actions. This might sound somewhat “theological” but it implies nothing other than a conscious act of ritual greeting which enables the participants to leave behind their judgements and habits. What remains is deep respect and mutual appreciation. Respect is the approach which we offer and which we also demand of our guests. Sexuality as life force and nothing other than that In our Western culture, sexuality is almost always linked to other issues: relationship, love, guilt, shame, neediness, victim-perpetrator, disdain, marriage, politics etc. However, sexuality during a tantra massage is simply about the sexual force itself. It is the movement of sexual energy that is not tied down to anything else. Without this power there would be no life. Here we adopt the approach that sexuality should not be instrumentalised. It is not a means to an end: it does not serve as a vehicle to spiritual enlightenment. In other words, we are not interested in “spiritually exploiting” sexuality. Instead, we allow sexuality to be what it always has been and always will be, nothing more and nothing less: sensual and extrasensory, and passionate.